Yurts AKA “Sisterhood of the traveling food bowl”

I want to live in a yurt.  I’ve never even stayed in a yurt. I am still sure I want to live in one.

I’ve been talking about it since 2007 (ish), but nothing has come of it so far.  I hate to make proclamations.  It seems when I declare anything with certainty it doesn’t work out, at least for me.  That may influence why my life is so disjointed – I don’t make plans because when I do they don’t work.

So hear me world, this is not a plan. This is a dream.

In 5 years I want to have purchased my land somewhere in Washington state and be living in my yurt with my dog and a garden.  That’s it. Simple.  Universe please don’t hate it. I like it and I want to keep it.  Please.

I’ve been following blogs dedicated to green living and yurt living in particular for a bit now.  I was on the phone with a friend for a few hours last night and into this morning discussing everything and it seems like this could happen….  =)