Exercise 4-19-12

Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL.  I used a Groupon at a restaurant with a friend.  I was too broke to leave the amount he deserved, but we left as close to the amount as we could.  The food, honestly, wasn’t that great.  =/. I biked 4.3-4.5 miles there and then back downtown and took the bus uphill a mile.  I just couldn’t do the rest.

When I got home I knew that Garvey had gone to the dog park that day, but I still felt like running.  So then, I changed, grabbed some poop bags and went for a jog.  It wasn’t far, about 3 miles, but it felt GREAT.  As I made my way home I sprinted and Garvey was trailing behind me. It was adorable.  I got pretty close to home and thought about continuing my run, but opted against it.  I felt rejuvenated.

This morning I awoke and went for a run to a local forested area. It’s probably 1.6 miles away.  We ran for a bit in the woods. I saw a cute guy. He smiled, I smiled and then blew snot bubbles out of my nose. I’m awesome ladies and gentlemen.  I didn’t get much further and then sat down.  Garvey rolled in the nature beside me and we just hung out for about 30 minutes.  Then, I made my way home.  The jog home was so difficult.  SO Difficult.  But, I made it and I’m glad I went.  My body is sore and I want a bath.  I’m making some oatmeal for lunch.

It’s moments like this that make me feel like I should live in Northern California.  I need the weather to be nice so I’ll exercise.  But, for now, I’m here in Seattle….