Chest pains

Something happened today that brought me to tears.  This morning I went to the ER with chest pains.  I was cleaning my apartment when it felt like something was sitting on my chest.  The pain radiated to my face and it was like I had a massive toothache — in all of my teeth. It got deeper and deeper and I had to sit down. I called my doctor and she wasn’t in so they called the Dr. on-call.  He and I chatted for a bit and it was decided that I should go to the ER.

One bus and cab drive later I arrived at the hospital tired and sore (I went roller skating for two hours last night).  I answered questions, accepted my ID bracelet, and waited until a nurse came to get me. In my room my nurse, Maura, asked me to get undressed and eventually hooked me up to some machines.  Everyone was thorough and nice and three hours later I walked out undiagnosed, tired, but appreciative of the sun and wind that greeted me.  My thoughts, however, returned to a man that arrived as I was getting dressed.  He was suffering from labored breathing and was scared, but good-humored. He gave his story to nurses through quick shallow breaths.  After the necessities were finished and they asked who brought him to the hospital he replied, “My partner and he has the authorization to see me.” They asked him not to speak anymore but he wouldn’t stop. He said, “… sometimes they don’t let him come and see me. He has the authorization to see me….”

Those words and the urgency behind them nearly broke my heart.  I am saddened by this world.  This man was afraid for his life and he wouldn’t stop trying to ask for a permission that is so easily handed to men and women.  That’s not fair.  There are things that make this life hard and unfair without our help. Why do we create and support laws that infringe upon the civil rights of our citizens?  Today trip to the ER did two things; make me rethink my sodium intake, and reaffirm my belief in (marriage) equality for all.