Are 20 acres enough?

I’m moving into a yurt.

I ran “is 20 acres enough” through a search engine and found the Mother Earth News Article: “Back to the Land: 10 Acres Is Enough.

If I were to admit that I’m doing this for my dog it’d seem silly, but I am– in a way.  His actions confess what I continue to withhold, “The city is too small for me.” His instinct to break free when we exit my apartment’s threshold is natural and should not be ignored, but it is. It’s ignored and trained out of him in the name of obedience. We  put aside important parts of ourselves to fit in and obey. I’m tired of training myself out of the instincts I need to survive: breathe fresh air, grow my own food, bake my own goods, witness the Earth.

I want to grow and that’s not happening here.