How did I get here?! 1/8/12

Good Morrow Folks!

I have this odd habit of ending up in these weird crevices of the internet where Lord Voldemort goes on vacation.  These websites contain some of the most foolish and hateful propaganda I have EVER seen or read.

Sometimes I send what I find to a friend through email, but mostly I just keep on trucking through life with that reel playing creating the soundtrack to my day.  This morning’s findings have prompted me to start a series called: How did I get here?!

Because when I’m watching these videos, or they’re playing in the background that question is on repeat.  Another question is: Why can’t I just leave?!  There’s a compulsive super crazy part of me that I don’t quite understand.  It’s like I can’t stop myself from doing things I know are wrong and or hurtful.  Watching these videos or perusing these sites is one of them.  So I’m welcoming you into my crazy.

Video: Black women: Asian & white men ARE NOT ATTRACTED TO YOU!

How I got there: A google search of something COMPLETELY unrelated

Why I couldn’t leave: 1) His face is at such a weird position in the camera it was almost hypnotizing, 2) Intellectually, I know that what he’s saying has loopholes the size of Kansas, BUT in some section of my brain I know that there are people who  COMPLETELY agree with him and that’s scary.

Welcome to my brain. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.