I will survive

Winter. Bleh.

I forced myself to go hang out with friends yesterday.  I’m glad did.  We had a wonderful healthy dinner and then played a few games of Euchre with new friends.  Eventually, we moved on to Apples to Apples and then I left for the night.  I spent a total of 7 hours outside my house.  I’m amazed at how hard it was for me.  That morning I cleaned and rearranged my apartment (I’m nesting) baked, showered, and left. It took FOR-EVA to get 6 miles.  I forgot about the holiday bus schedules where the buses and trains arrive pretty sporadically. I was proud of myself for going and even more proud when I wanted to go, but chose to stay.  When the weather is like this I just want to sit in my apartment and cook and eat.

It’s a constant battle, but I’m forcing myself to complete small tasks or projects for sanity’s sake. One day I went hunting for plants. I bought any plant I found for a reasonable price.  I came home with 4 or 5 succulents, a variety of cacti, and some huge dangly plant. They’re all still alive thankyaverymuch.  Another day I went to Lowe’s and bought adhesive grout to finish my living room table.

Everything seems to be coming together and my home is a place where I’m comfortable — too comfortable.  During a season where it’s so easy for me to stay home and wallow in a kiddie pool of frowny faces I need to get outside.  NEED.

My favorite place to exercise isn’t too far from my house and I’ve been able to drag myself to classes pretty consistently.  I even took a sparring class which I loved.  I could be doing worse this fall/winter.  I’m proud of my progress so far and I have a plan to get better starting the first full week of December:

  1. Candida Cleanse: I thought I was done — I’m not. Boo! I do feel better though. Yay!
  2. Daily diet plan: Calendar with preplanned meals  for every day.
  3. Bento box — cause it’s a fun way to bring lunch to work. I mean c’mon. It’s so cute!
  4. Regimented workout routine: I’m going to classes 2-3 times a week based on my work schedule.  It’s a killer workout + a guy has been flirting with me.
  5. Painting.  In fact, I’m about to paint an acrylic of a woman with an afro’ or locs for my bedroom wall.
  6. Reaching out: Inviting anyone to come over, and going out to meet with people when I can.

This is a struggle, but I will survive this season.  I will be okay.  If you’re in the Seattle area and would like a crappy weather friend lemm know. Let’s hang: info[at]19more.org.