Daily maintenance

Oo Winter is almost here….  Back East that would mean snow boots, puffy coats, and warming the car up and leaving the keys in the ignition.  Here, it means filling a 16oz thermos with coffee, a 32oz thermos with tea and Stevia, taking my vitamins, dressing in layers, and waiting in the cold to catch the bus.

This morning I “went for a run” with Garvey.  IT WAS SO COLD.  I wore work out tights, Montrail trail running shoes, a Mammut parka, Smartwool socks, a Mountain Hardwear beanie, and Reebok gloves (I’m like an advertisement for REI).  I didn’t start sweating until the end of my workout.  Garvey is getting really good staying “heel” when I jog. Because it was so early I didn’t put him on his leash.  I figure if someone attacks me we both need to be able to move at our leisure.  <– It saddens me that that’s why I think about while jogging in the morning.

I’m going to take my Threelac supplement, daily vitamins, probably making some amazing juice, pack my thermoses (is that a word?) and head out the door.  I have back to back meetings all day, teaching class, and then I’m doing a presentation of sorts in the evening.  I’m going to try and take care of myself today.  It’s going to be a long one.  At least “Thanksgiving” break is just around the corner and I’ll be able to rest soon.