I’m juicing

Okay.  I’ll admit it.  I’m juicing.  There I said it. Admission is the first step to recovery.

I have 10 minutes until I’m supposed to leave so I can bike the 5 miles to work. I haven’t showered yet so this is going to be a quickie.  I have however, eaten breakfast (pictured here) and loved up on my dog. (pictured below).  I’m writing this post because I’m super excited about my juicer.  SUPER excited.  The smoothie I’m drinking contains the following:

1 organic peach (no pit),6 organic carrots (no stems), 1 organic orange peeled, and a bundle of organic kale.

It tastes AMAZING.  The reason everything is organic is because I get a box of organic veggies delivered from a local CSA (Community Support Agriculture), and I shop at the co-op up the street.  Organic in Washington is gluten-free cake.  In other places I’ve lived? Not so much. So, I’m healthier and happier.  Now, I’m going to enjoy a wonderful shower before my sweaty bike ride up and down these hills that beat me up nearly every day.  I hope I see my “bike commute boyfriend.”  He makes the bike ride a wee bit easier.  ;o)