I pray to spaces that hold my wounded friends:

Give them room to understand the pain the holds them. Allow their necks to wiggle free and grant them permission to withdraw oxygen from its place. Loan them the strength to listen until they can produce that commodity themselves.  Open your mouth and speak their words until they can find their own.  Love those around them until they can return to retrieve that benevolent burden.  Most all of forgive them their humanity.  We are walking wounded searching for what will set all right.  I ask for you to neither take their emotion, nor replace them on their journey. My request is for place holder because this world can be too hard to bear.

I thank you now for honoring this request Universe, God, Creator, Parent.  I am grateful for your foresight.  It allows the response to this world room to grow and be changed –need be.

I pray to the spaces that hold my wounded friends.  I pray for my friends that need the open spaces.