Bullet point blog entry

Such a hectic month.  But, I’ve come to the following realization(s) “I do it to myself” and “I function best when busy.”

  • Flew to Arizona for grad school (found out I can take the summer off and still graduate in Spring 2012)
  • Camped throughout and on Hopi and Navajo reservations as well as Arizona and New Mexico
  • Endured a layover which included U.S. Airways putting me up in a hotel overnight
  • Started rehearsals for my new play
  • Went back to work
  • Started taking Boxing Fitness classes (learning to box has been one of my dreams)

I’d love to get to the point where I can go to the boxing fitness class for an hour — it KICKS MY BUTT and then ride my bike the 5 miles to work.  That’s hard (for many reasons) but mostly because after work I’d have to bike directly to rehearsal– that trip is 6.6 miles. Then I’d have to bike home UPHILL in the dark which is 3.6 miles.  I dunno.  So that means I would leave home at 5:30am and not return until 10:30pm.  The dogwalker comes twice a week, but still, I’ve got to be home for my dog.  I also need to take time to recuperate.  But, maybe I’d only take boxing classes and bike on the days he goes to the dogpark that way we’re both beat.  If I can get up to it I’d love to run (which I hate) with him on the days he doesn’t go to the park.
That whole paragraph was totally me figuring out my life and pointless to anyone outside of my own head. I’m sleepy and feel guilty because I ate a completely crappy dinner.  Speaking of, I HAVE to plan out my meals better.  I need to cook for the whole week on the days I don’t have rehearsal. That way I can just grab food and go in the morning.  I’m going to be like a Bedouin carrying my entire life on my back.  Except they don’t have bikes. Also, I don’t want to shower because that just adds extra time to my day.  I dunno. I also don’t want to stink up my office.  There are showers at work…Ugh… I’ll figure it out, but now is not the time.  I need to go to bed.


Good night ya’ll….