This is an old post– probably weeks old.  I’m posting it today because it’s so relevant.This morning I began my day by

  • drinking a shot of Apple cider vinegar (apparently it’s a soldier on my side in fight against candida
  • drinking 2 tablespoons of psyllium husk (all of the fiber I need for today)
  • The following vitamins: folic acid, Ferrous Sulfate/Iron, B12
  • Double dose of Claritin D 24hrs
  • Pau D’ Arco (natural anti fungal also to combat candida)

This entry is from early on in the process.

Right now, I feel so good.  Better than I have in months if not years.  This fungus has gotten out of control and was making me CRAZY.  I haven’t felt so out of sorts in my life….  It was like my body was not my own and no one could figure out what was wrong.  Well, since I found out that there is an overgrowth of candida in my system I’ve been able to take steps to get m life back.

I’ve changed my diet so I eat things that will starve the candida, not nourish it. For breakfast I had two eggs and that was it. Lunch was kale, bok choy, and turnip greens with sesame seed sauteed in extra  virgin coconut oil.  I also downed some psyllium husk and mixed black walnut oil with water and had that as well. Then I was still hungry so I made a fruit salad with strawberries, blueberries, Brown Cow Yogurt, and a granola bar.

For dinner I’m having tacos — sorta. 😉  Corn tortillas with sauteed spinach, quinoa, salsa, and a meat substitute. I’m drinking some of the bulk tea I bought from the co-op, doing laundry, writing a paper, and planning a backpacking/camping trip with friends.

I’m also on an anti-fungal medication and will be for the next week.  I didn’t know how badly I felt until now.  My hip caused me excruciating pain to the point I was walking with a limp.  I couldn’t inhale fully, and began wheezing as soon as I awoke.  My stomach was overly bloated and my energy was drained.  I couldn’t exercise, whenever I ate anything I doubled over from the shooting pains in my stomach.  It’s nice to feel relief.  I’m only three days into the perscription meds and 12 hours into the dietary improvements and I feel FANTASTIC.  I’m excited to be able to run again.  I’d been biking because 1) I loved it and two it took the weight off of my hip and ankle.

I feel so much better.