My legs almost caused an accident

On Friday I performed a poem of mine at the Teacher Talent Show.  None of the kids know me so when I entered the stage cheers were quietly supportive.  When I dressed for this occasion in the morning I work a short skirt, no stockings, and wedge heels.  My legs are the physical attribute I can fall back on…thank you genetics. 🙂  The poem was well received. I think the kids stood up, but I’m not sure. I ran off stage quickly and didn’t look back.

Floating on the thrill of a long missed performance opportunity  I stopped by the local co-op to grab groceries and walked home.

I was strutting, not gonna lie.  Across the street from my house I waited for traffic to slow so I could jaywalk.  A motorcyclist sped past, we made eye contact,  then he did a double if not triple take and when he turned around traffic had stopped.  The still falling rain made the ground slick and dangerous.  He (I imagine) braked hard, the motorcycle wobbled, red brake lights grew bright and he stopped a little too close to the car ahead.

I watched, luckily the man was okay, but I was a little nervous.

Who knew my legs could cause such a reaction? 😉