I’m more of a let’s hold hands and sing Kumbaya person more than a staunch political activist.  I have my opinions and I tend to keep them to myself — for the most part.  My perspective on humanity plays more of a role in my politics than anything.  I struggle with the concept that someone does anything overtly malicious or purposefully deceitful.  I mean have an ex or two that have proven me to be wrong on that point, and then there’s Hitler…but I still believe it for the most part.  I believe it about George W. Bush, and I believe it about Barack Obama. I do.  That’s why the whole Donald Trump birther phenomenon boggles my mind.  It’s the epitome of conspiracy theory.  The video from the link about it is from an interview with Anderson Cooper and I feel like they’re having two separate conversations.  In fact, it’s like they’re not having a conversation at all.  AC360 is just being used as a platform for Donald to stick to his staunch beliefs and not listen to the other side.  That’s frustrating.  I think everyone should listen to the other person’s point of view.  You don’t have to change yours, but at least be open to the possibility that you could be wrong….

That being said.  If Donald Trump becomes our next president I’m moving to Canada.