Weirdest walk ever

Today is GORGEOUS. It’s 63 degrees with a pleasant breeze.  I wore my favorite dress that isn’t so new.  It’s a dark blue halter top with a white anchor on the left shoulder.  My hair is super curly because I tried something new last night.  I think I’m going to replicate this outfit for the fundraiser in a few weeks.  I’m wearing sunglasses and rocking out to whatever is playing on my iPod when I walk past this house and there are a bunch of men in the yard.  They might be “tryin to holla” but I’m not sure and not interested so I keep going.

One of the guys runs after me and tries to connect with Garvey who immediately jumps up at him and tries to play. I’m not too interested in stopping him.  So this guy tries to talk to me about my dog and then another guy walks up starts talking to me — but keeps his distance he later fills me in that he doesn’t like dogs. So man #2 starts asking me about myself..and then man #1 walks away. Then, at some point man #1 walks back and starts an argument with man #2. They’re arguing. I think man #2 is trying to save face and de-escalate and man #1 is trying to punk his friend. I’m about to walk away because it’s ridiculous when man #2 breaks away from the argument to try and talk to me again.

My walk probably lasted an hour maybe two and I was stopped by two guys who asked for my phone number (the first said I’m going to sue you if your dog bites me. I’ll sue you for 25 million dollars unless you give me your phone number), three or four people who wanted to know about my dog

My new hairstyle

, and got an email that I got a call back for a show here in Seattle.  Ha ha ha. Whatta day.

The callback is in a week.  I’m a little nervous. I must admit, it felt good to be validated as an actor again.  It’s been some time since I’ve been on the stage and it feels good to know that I’ve still “got it.”  We’ll see how it all works out.  🙂