I have not laughed that long and that hard in a very long while.  It should’ve been embarrassing, but it wasn’t.  Your humor is the ignition to my laughter.  Your benevolent heart has captured my attention.  I am in awe of your kindness, appreciation of humor and dedication to a population I hold dear.  I am in favor of your presence. It has been like a present in this dark time of mine.  I will not seek comfort in you or our  interactions. Instead, I will enjoy you separate from my sorrow. Rejoicing in a seemingly answered conversation with a creator I also hold dear.  You are a special person.

Intelligent. You have a breathtaking understanding of yourself and place in this world.  I am glad to know you. Simply that and no more.  Our paths have crossed and I have been reminded of my humor of old that eluded me until now.  Thank you.