A friend gives birth

This morning I received a picture message of my new pseudoniece.  My first friend from Chicago gave birth to a baby girl last night/this morning.  It’s like the balance my world needed.  A friend is celebrating the birth of her first child while I’m mourning the loss of a student.

Larger news networks are picking up the story. Students are wearing black and yellow in solidarity.  Others are selling bracelets to raise money for her funeral.  The world is trying to right itself.

Then, there are the girls who have pin pricks in their souls.  The young women who suggested that she kill herself are posting stomach-churning pictures on her Facebook page memorial wall.  They put up pictures with “lol dead” “she deserves to be dead” and “she’ll still be a whore in hell.”  I thought about posting the pictures, but I don’t want to perpetuate that foolishness.

I’m all about forgiveness.  I’m also all about those kids understanding exactly what they’ve done, its effect, and then being held accountable for their actions.