My dog almost ate a kid

Being settled has afforded me the time to do things like walk my dog daily.  I know it seems like it’s an ordinary task — it should be, but it wasn’t for a few months there.  I would just open the door let him run into the yard, and clean-up after him later. Now, the weather has been nice and I don’t have to be at work until later in the day so I wake up super early and then go and take in the neighborhood.

Well, yesterday I opened the door to go outside and this kid was walking by the house. It scared me and it DEFINITELY scared my dog because he tore off to the end of the property barking his freaking head off.  The kid, beset with nerdy glasses, chubby cheeks, and an iPod — peed himself immediately.  I mean my dog never made contact, but he was freaked out so he just kept barking running up to the edge of the grass, running back to me, running up to the edge of the grass, and running back to me.

Finally, I got Garvey to chill out and the kid kept walking.  I never saw the physical evidence that he peed himself but the look on his face told me everything I needed to know.  I don’t think my ridiculous dog would attack someone even if they were hurting me.  This random display of protection, however,  was kinda cute.