I love books.  I remember being a kid and reading under my blanket after my bedtime as the light bulb burnt my comforter.  I usually have 5 or 6 books on me at all times.

When I heard about the Kindle I was definitely hesitant.  It seemed like I was selling out.  Well, it was like the best purchase ever.  Right now the only books I have on it are books for grad school.  I’m reading Black Identities : West Indian Immigrant Dreams and American Realities right now.

It’s so light I forget that it’s there.  It’s also made doing my reading for grad school a lot easier.

So, if you’re a book lover or a student buy the Kindle.  They don’t have every book available, but the money you save buying books for the Kindle instead of hard copies adds up.

Best of luck, friends!