Crazy magnet

I would like to enjoy the mundane. I have, too often found myself in situations that are kinda ridiculous. Like: [1] homeless and on a two and a half month road trip with a brand new boyfriend [2] dating an addict [3] trapped in the wrong county in western Pennsylvania wearing a business suit waiting for a bus that will never come [4] lost in Japan with no money and a less than conversational grasp of Japanese at 3 o’clock in the morning [5] walking 2.5 miles down the highway with my dog and too much stuff when it’s 34 degrees and sleeting with soaked socks, sneakers, and pants at 8 o’clock at night because you were dropped off at the wrong hotel [6] driving across the country with a huge truck of my stuff during one of the biggest blizzards in U.S. History [7] lost, all the time [8] walking through the red light district in Thailand [9] involved in a shouting match with a Kenyan interport student in India at a gas station [10] bushwhacking through miles and miles of wilderness with a group of surly young men and not enough food.

How is this my life? I feel like I thrive on crazy. Maybe crazy is drawn to me. Either way, I’d like to embrace a day of normalcy. I want to wrap simple around my shoulders like it’s sunset. This is my resolution of now– Enjoy the mundane.