Something that makes me smile

At a loss for what to write today so I turned to Postaday2011’s blog for a tip.

“Write about something that makes you smile”

Chicago '08

My dog.  Particularly my dog in snow.  He runs around frantically

In fact, there aren’t many things he does that aren’t done in some maniacal manner.  After a recent snow fall, before it has turned to ice. He frolics frantically gulping snow every foot or so.  He turns into a puppy again and it is adorable.

For awhile I tried to break the habits that make him unique.  That drove me crazy and confused him.  I’ve adjusted my methods to a relationship based on what he needs.  It’s silly, and I feel like I’m talking about a person. It works so I’m going to keep doing it. Sometimes he needs to just run.  So, I take him on the trail let him off leash and then follow behind him at a pace of my own.  He never strays too far and always returns when beckoned.  He’s a good dog.  He just struggles to get his needs met. He wants attention. Lots of it. From every person who enters the room.  If you’ve left and he sees you reenter moments later it’s like you’ve been away at work all day.  I used to try to stop him from greeting people in his over-anxious ridiculous way.  I’ve since learned that I can only mold his people skills. So now, he’s learning that if he wants you to pet him he has to drop to the floor and lay on his back.  It’s a lot different from jumping up on his hind legs and headbutting you. A bit more pleasant too.

He’s not perfect. He’s a work in progress just like me. That’s why we’re perfect for one another.  His antics are fodder for laughter. I am grateful for everyday that he is around to make me smile.

Snow day '09