Today I looked at blog entries from Januaries past.  Whooh. Exhale. I feel bright.  It could be this borrowed multicolored room.  It could be the presence of dogs at my feet.  It could be the result of a matured soul sliding out of its old shell.

I am so different. I am so glad.  *sigh*  I have grown. This moment feels like the first breath after a gasp from inhaler clenched lips. I am well.  There are still parts of me that are growing.  My temper is still a problem.  I still struggle with consistent eating habits.  Money seems like its always a finger’s grasp away from spent.  Nonetheless, I am okay.

No longer defined by a man–let alone who will never see my worth I am different.  Not better.  No, never better. Just different.  Proud.  I am so proud of the energy this body contains.  My exhale could cure the world of it’s pain.  My voice is here. My presence is passionate.  I have become a woman I would love to know.  Pain looms overhead sometimes, no longer consistently distracting me from the good.  I embrace its torso when it approaches.  I no longer hide from the hell that humanity holds in its hands with every interaction.

I am so grateful for all experiences that may come and have already entered my door.  I am whole. I am okay. I am different.

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