I’ve been fortunate to have several interviews and second interviews over the last week or so.  One company that I wasn’t particularly interested in wanted to speak with me on the phone.  We set-up a date and time. I was prepared and then they never called.  I sent an email taking on the fault –it’s just what I do– and heard back from the interviewer pretty quickly.  They’d forgotten about the holiday. Okay. I understand that. It’s annoying but I get it.

We rescheduled.   Last night I was up till 4am and woke-up again at 7am (my body hates me).  I was able to take a nap but set the alarm so I’d be awake before the interview.  Again no call.

Seriously? I emailed again this time saying something along the lines of this isn’t going to workout.  I get another email telling me it slipped his mind and could we touch base today.


So I email again and say, “I’m no longer interested in working with  *insert title of company here*

BUT, because I’m the fool that I am, I wrote down THE WRONG COMPANY.  Iditota!!!  I put the name down of the company that I’d just accepted a second interview with instead.  Dangit!

Oh well, I’m not going to fix it.  I’m just going to move on. Ugh…



P.S. I totally already posted for today  but WordPress has it listed as yesterday. So, because I’m a woman of my word, I added this little ditty to be consistent.