White women vs. Black women

As someone who has been surrounded, loved, and raised white men and women her entire life, who has dated white men and now has white students that call her mom I find myself wondering about the cultural differences between blacks and whites.  Now, every molecule of my body is fighting me as I type this post.  In grad school I’ve learned all about cultural sensitivity and racial marginalization and yada yada yada.  All that aside.  Are there cultural differences between black women and white women?

I don’t own a tv.  But, since I’ve been in a house that owns one I’ve been watching trash TV ie, The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  The relationship between Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak is bizarre.  They communicate differently.  I can identify with them both.  As I get older I identify more with Nene than Kim. In all honesty though, I don’t want to emulate either of them. Their behavior is disgusting, but I know the feeling.  I’ve had people who have pushed me, pressed my buttons, and overstepped my boundaries.  They were fooled by my calm exterior.  I wanted more than anything to fall into the arms of my fury and show them the part of me they should fear.  I didn’t. I won’t.  But why are some people blind to the possibility of its existence?  Is it blindness or naivete?

That brings me to this question, “Do I feel that fury because of my race/ethnicity, because of how I grew up, or for some other random reason?”