If I had $1,000,000

Lately, I’ve been concerned with/obsessed over/consumed by thoughts of money.  Looking for a new job does that to me.  I get excited over the way my life could be and I go bananas.  I’m halfway between the kind of person who can live simply and the kind of person who needs to have things. I enjoy sunrises and cup a cup maté just as much as the hippie next door, but I like my material possessions not gonna lie.  Now, my version of nice things tends to be a ‘bit’ off center when compared to the average individual.  For example, if I had a million dollars I’d do this:

  1. Buy a yurt for about $7,000.

  1. Purchase land for around 150,000
  2. Invest about 100,000 in the property: ie pimpin my yurt 😉
  3. Use 20,000 to pay for some people to go to college through this website
  4. Take 250,000 and invest it in”high risk” investments
  5. Take 200,000 and diversify it amongst safer more dependable investments
  6. Take 55,000 and spread it amongst checking/savings accounts so I have access to it
  7. 15,000 to pay off student loans from grad school and such
  8. Get 1 if not 2 more dogs — of the non shedding variety of course


The rest? I have no idea.  I’d probably go to REI and lose my mind.  Other than that, I don’t have plans.  In short, I want a place to call home. I know I’d have to pay property taxes each year but that wouldn’t be that bad.  I’d want to have some kind of off the grid energy source so I wouldn’t have to pay an electric bill.  The yurt would be heated by a wood stove.  Life would be grand.

I don’t need copious amounts of money to happy.  I’d just like a little sumpin sumpin to not worry about where I’m going to rest my head.