A Season in Review: Fall-Winter 2010

My life, like so many others is full of change.  This is the beginning of what I hope will be an ongoing theme. This the life I lived in the Fall of 2010:

  1. Moved into a house with three other co-workers whom I’d never met
  2. Attended an Applefest
  3. Entered into a new relationship
  4. Started a new job in a genre of education in which I’d never taught
  5. Lost my temper with someone I loved
  6. Lived in a truck with someone I barely knew for a month and a half
  7. Saw old friends
  8. Pampered myself in a Texas rest stop
  9. Learned my limited ability to endure human interaction
  10. Gotten over a relationship that wasn’t working  …
  11. Interviewed with four companies in the span of three weeks
  12. Went home for a visit
  13. Broken-up with my brother for the final time
  14. Realized I’m not far from 30
  15. Was laid off from a job
  16. Reconnected with old friends
  17. Realized some relationships with old co-workers were bound together by working together and nothing else
  18. Traveled through 3 time zones and back in 22 hours
  19. Mismanaged money
  20. Be enthe receiver of wonderful gifts
  21. Missed someone who loved me
  22. Been used
  23. Pitied someone
  24. Spent the day with former students and was reminded of so many meaningful things
  25. Rededicated myself to my work
  26. Decided to buy a house
  27. Been forgiven
  28. Laughed
  29. Wallowed
  30. Accepted the peace that accompanies failure

My posts have been a tad bit morbid lately, sorry.  😦  I’m going to break that stride by working on a list of 100 things that make me happy… I’m looking forward to that list.  🙂