Something new

I’ve met a handful of people in my adult life that I truly like.  When I meet those people the connection is evident.

That being said, I met another one of those people.  We met when I moved here in June through work, (I know, I know, don’t sh*t where you eat, I’m not I swear).  Nothing happened all summer long, and then the summer ended.  We went out to dinner, and have been dating ever since.  I like him.  He makes me laugh, and asks me questions that make me think.  He’s direct, honest, and intelligent.

I like him… a lot.  He knows that.  When we first started dating I didn’t do thing maniacal things I usually do like calling my friends and asking them what I should do.  With him it was/is natural.  I think that could be more my age and maturity than anything, but it’s simple.  It’s nice.

I don’t know where it will go, and I really don’t care. Either way, it’s nice to have found someone like him.