What I did on my summer vacation OR What I’ve accomplished in the last 72 days (in no particular order)

  1. Spent 31 one of those days in the backcountry
  2. Quit my job and moved to a state I’d never visited
  3. Started a job I found on the internet
  4. Moved in with a complete stranger
  5. Hiked 280+ miles with at least 60 lbs on my back
  6. Drove cross-country in 3 days by myself in my car that has 280,000+ miles on it, and arrived to work 45 minutes early that day
  7. Drank bleach treated water from a lake while watching a strange man pee in said lake
  8. Rediscovered the art of meditation
  9. Accepted the limitation of new friends
  10. Climbed Surprise Peak
  11. Slept on the floor of a subletted apartment
  12. Rode my 1973 Schwinn World Voyager road bike through the streets of Seattle
  13. Swam in the Pacific Ocean
  14. Started a Masters program
  15. Shined the bruised parts of myself until they tickled
  16. Laughed
  17. Spent 4 days in Arizona
  18. Hiked a section of the Olympic Coast
  19. Reunited with my dog
  20. Hugged old friends
  21. Been hurt, felt anger, dealt with anger, resolved issues, all while keeping relationships intact
  22. Let go of old friends
  23. Forced “work” waaaay down on my list of priorities
  24. Ignored my limitations
  25. Spent an entire day on the couch