I’m getting ready to spend 12 days in the woods, 4 days in another state, and drive x-country for five days only to return for a two-day briefing and then spend 7 more days in the woods.

And I still haven’t packed.

Honestly, I think I’ve gotten a little more laid back over the years.  Which is a good thing.  I’ve done so much traveling, spent countless hours in airports, and dealt with so many knuckleheads not a lot phases me anymore.  I mean, if I can walk a middle school boy through the importance of pooping in a hole I can do just about anything.  I’m growing up.

I’m meeting up with a bunch of friends this week.  The friend I saw today I hadn’t seen since she graduated high school with my brother 11 years ago.  I’m seeing a friend/former co-worker/mother figure tomorrow, and I’m super excited.  I get to go back to Pike Place market and eat some yummy food.


I really am happy out here.  Life is not without its trials, but my entire life has prepared me for this summer and if I were any happier I’m pretty sure my face would fall off.