Best dog EVA!Not complaining.  In fact, I’m laughing.  I’m rejoicing that this is my life because I’d have it no other way:

August 1-August 13th- Leading a backpacking trip somewhere in Washington state (I find out where tomorrow)

August 11th- Leaving the backpacking trip early to fly to Arizona for 4 days to attend my colloquium for grad school (Yay)

August 15th- Flying from Arizona to Harrisburg (on the red-eye)

August 15th- GETTING GARVEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Driving back to Seattle with my favorite pup…and some stuff from my storage facility.

August 20th- Arriving in Seattle to start trip planning

August 22nd- 29th Backpacking somewhere in Washington State

I love my life!