Seattle has made me disgusting.

Well, not disgusting, but hygienically lax.  When I lived in an apartment alone — ah, those were the glorious days– I rarely showered. Now that I share an apartment with someone else, I shower even less.  I’m in someone else’s home, sleeping on the floor, showering in their shower, using their toilet.  I’ve become accustomed to the rationale that the less often I insert myself into their life, the better.  The fact that I spend 85% of my time in the backcountry not showering makes me even dirtier.  I just don’t care.

For example, there was one night my roommate was REALLY sick. He was in the bathroom vomiting for like 45 minutes.  I asked if he wanted help, he said no, so I left him alone.  I awoke the next morning at 6 to take a shower and depart for a backpacking trip.  Lo’ and behold, there was vomit clogging the drain of my sink.  I didn’t know what to do so I drank it. Sike! I didn’t want to shower with all the bacteria, and I sure as cocktails and kittens wasn’t going to brush my teeth so I grabbed my toothbrush and ran.

Now, about my toothbrush.

It’s kept in one of those metal toothbrush holders above the sink.  As soon as I touched it, it dawned on me that the likelihood of stomach bile splatter reaching to my toothbrush was about as high as a college student on 4/20.  Did I throw it away? Nope. I’m too miserly, and too disgusting to have made that decision. So, I went to the kitchen, boiled some water, and stuck that puppy on my molars with a little bit of Tom’s toothpaste.  But, that’s not it.  I rarely use deoderant, seldom brush my teeth, and doing any sort of maintenance to fingers and toes occurs about as often as I drive a BMW.

This is the summer of disgusting.  I am completely cool with that.