A mistake

I’m tired.  Work was great.  I’m the only woman in a pool of men.  It’s nice, but I can’t figure out why.  We played frisbee for a bit in the park before we began, and frisbee is not my strength.  I was nervous and caught, but mostly dropped, the frisbee like a prissy 8th grade girl.  Finally, when we sat down and began a dialogue, my intelligence kicked in, and I was at home.   I was given room to speak from the heart and I’m usually good with words.  The longer we were together the more at ease I became.   

Today,  we’re all going camping.  (How am I going to sleep in a tent with a bunch of dudes? ) I just hope my comfort from yesterday bleeds through today.  

It’s just camping for one night.   Then I leave Monday for a 4 day skill building trip.  Friday to drive a group to the Olympic Coast in a minibus (I KNOW) and then return the same day.  I leave the next day for a 6 day backpacking trip.  

Somewhere in there I have to find the time to finish my Study plan for grad schoo, and prepare for the first semester.  Woo-Hoo Masters degree!

Seattle feels like I’ve made a mistake.  Like I’ve been living on the wrong coast for all these years and I’ve finally come home.