The Dream

I remember it now.
I was in a car with some guy. He looked a lot like the actor who played a shut-in on October Road.  I knew he was going to kill me.  For some reason I was in love with him… I think he was in love with me too — I’m almost sure of it.  But, he didn’t believe me… he didn’t think that anyone was capable of loving him. So he drove and talked about everything but the murder.  He would look at me with the sweetest eyes, but told me I had to die anyway. We arrived at his house and he had a circular saw and was about to saw into my left arm.  Coincidentally, that’s where my tattoo is…the one I won’t interpret to anyone.
Then a couple came from nowhere and we were able to fight him off.  I was so terrified about him coming after me again I kept saying that we needed to make sure he was dead. So we fought him and I beat him in the face, multiple times, with a rock. Then we ran, and I was in L.A., running down a street.  I found a building, ran inside tried to find the elevator but was stuck inside the boys bathroom stall. I remember trying to pee with roller skates on.   All-of-the-sudden, I was inside the green room of SNL and actors with wigs were rehearsing their lines and I hid behind a door watching them, but never getting caught. I knew he was coming after me though.  It was only a matter of time.