I should be sleeping

It’s 5:54 in the morning and I’m awake.  I haven’t been sleeping well for the past week.

My body has always manifested stress in a way that interrupts my slumber.    I have a crush– it takes away sleep. I’m stressed at work – I get my period and it takes away sleep. There’s a bit of a pattern.

I had a dream that I was weird.  Once I awoke, I realized that where I’m at is too small for me.  I don’t mean “I’m so amazing and this place can’t hold me.” No, eh eh.  I have unconventional ideas and beliefs and I haven’t found anyone here who I can identify with. As a result, this place is too small for me.  I’d like to move out west somewhere.  For some reason I feel that’s where the people with the big ideas live.  Probably not. There probably right here and I just need to find them.