Nothing but smiles

Giggling. Yes, I’m giggling.

I went out tonight.  Wasn’t like other nights just decided to go out. I put make-up on.  Wore a cute outfit, put a book in my yoga bag, grabbed my camera and headed for my favorite hangout.

Whaddya know, Seth was there.   🙂

We like ran into each other and were both caught off-guard. Finally, when he was away from his friends and I was talking to the Open Mic host in a close vicinity to him and I eventually walked over and was like “Sooo, what were you doing in LA?”  We started talking.  It took a minute for us to remember the familiarity of before, but no longer than that.

We chatted and flirted.  He put started playing with my belt….it was cute. He was cute. We were cute.

I’d forgotten the feeling of flirtation…of mutual respect…of intellectual stimulation. He’s smart. He has a great relationship with his friend that traveled cross country. Eventually, his friend asked if he wanted to go to their other hangout (he did this like three times and it wasn’t until the final time that he acquiesced. Gave me a hug and mentioned that we should exchange numbers.

It didn’t feel like exchanging numbers though.  It felt normal. Like hey we’re going to get together but I need your number for that so let’s make it happen.  It didn’t feel like it did with Ricardo.  With him, I felt nervous. With Seth, it felt natural.

I enjoyed tonight.  I’m glad it happened. To the forces that allowed it to occur I say thanks.

I’ll chalk this up to irony, but this was apart of my horoscope.  A bit eerie if you ask me:

For the unattached Taurus on October 28, with the planet of love in good aspect to the planet of luck, there could be an encounter with someone who holds the key to your future happiness.”