Feast and famine are first cousins.

There was Ricardo. We went on one date and I couldn’t bring myself to go out again.  I just didn’t get the right vibe.  I felt like it was all staged. Very bootycall-esque.  He said the right things did the right things, but when it came down to it, I don’t think he came away from it knowing, or wanting to much about me as a person.
Then Seth, I guess I’ll never see him again.  I’m getting weary of HMAC and I think I’ll take a break for a bit.  He hasn’t been there when I’ve been there so…I’m kinda over it. Disappointed, but over it nonetheless.
Then there was The Needle Man.  I’m getting that awesome tattoo and he was totally flirting with me.  However, I’m going to chalk it up to harmless flirting and move on. Why, pray-tell? I did some google stalking and he’s taken.  Like about to walk down the aisle of doom taken. Oh, well.
Maybe I need to find a new hangout, maybe I need to stop hanging out and work on Ph.D/Ed.D stuff.  I figure it’s good to work on my essays now even though it’s three years down the road.  I found a school where the GRE score doesn’t count and they’re pining for women of color.  $$$Caching$$$
There were many, and now there are none. Go figure.

I need to shower, go grocery shopping, and get busy. I’m bored, but what’s new.