Femininity my ass

Hold the mutha effin phone. I’ve been browsing the internet ( I should get my behind out of bed to tell you the truth) when I found this blog.  It’s a bunch of people talking about how ugly black women with tattoos are.   How tattoos make them look unfeminine, unattractive and trashy.  What the hell ever.  Black man, I haven’t been feminine and attractive to you since the day I was born.  Why are you allowed to define my femininity?

I’m getting this tattoo, not in rebellion, but in celebration.  I have been alone most of my life.  Every person who was supposed to love and care for me didn’t.  The ones who have are a Godsend.  I found an amazing artist who is going to help me accomplish something I’ve wanted for a long time. I seldom do things because they make me more attractive to others.  When I have, it has lit my ass on fire like an inflamed hemorrhoid.

I’ve gotta do me.  I will be known as Dr. _____ someday.  I will have a beautiful phoenix half sleeve tattoo. I am beautiful. Having these things doesn’t not detract from that.   Having them does not add to that. They are yet another element of who I am.