Be still biznatch


That’s essentially what I’ve told God. He’s told me be still and I’ve pretty much screamed “No” like a defiant toddler. Occasionally I’ll say “Eh, maybe…alright but only this once.” But seldom do I say “Sure!”

There are times when I’m at peace with my life and I’m happy to be still and let God do His thang. But that’s only when His plan is going according to my plan. Let’s take now for example. About a month ago I met *Dave. He’s a musician and periodically plays open mic nights at my favorite hangout. The last time I saw him, we connected. He’s funny, intelligent, socially conscious and nerdy; I’d like to get to know him better. We left that night with abstract plans (that was my fault) of “See you next week,” and “Yeah, you should come hangout at ___ sometime.”

For the past week I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I just wanted to see him. So, last night, like I usually do, I went to open mic to do some homework, “run” into him, and give him my number. To my dismay, he wasn’t there…at least when I was. I left early because of the creepy grandfather figures who continued to proposition endless love-making sessions that made my ovaries shrivel up and want to die.

Our conversations were simple and effortless. I can’t force it, but I also can’t force the thought of him out of my mind. Trust me, I’ve tried. This horoscope probably doesn’t help:

“It’s time for whispers, Taurus, for secret thoughts and tender, romantic exchanges. Your own planet, loving Venus herself, has a surprise arranged for you, too. You know how much she loves romance, so prepare yourself for quite the week. You’ll definitely need some privacy; well, to be honest, you’ll need a lot of privacy, thanks to this lovely lady’s plans. Someone you’ve been thinking about has been thinking of you, too. Together with some startling news from Mercury, the master of communication who will enter Libra and your house of intimate moments this week, you two may actually be able to get together and share those thoughts….”

The next time I see him I have to remember that he’s not feeling the same things I am. I can’t behave as if we’re on the same page. That will just lead to disappointment. I have to try and get to know him better. I just want to make sure this doesn’t fall by the wayside. I’m ready for this. But, I just have to trust God and, for the time being, be still.