How a 5K turned into a biathlon

Biathlon as in “an athletic contest combining two events.” Not two events as in, “cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.”  This biathlon included running and biking and that friends, is enough. I awoke that… Continue reading


Tomorrow I am going to finish my first 5K. I’m so scared. Yesterday I went salsa dancing for the first time. I was also very scared. I have this need to prove things… Continue reading


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Seattle weather as of late has been impressive. I could just kiss your face When the sun comes out in Seattle, residents collectively lose their shit. Everyone is outside,…

Exercise 4-19-12

Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL.  I used a Groupon at a restaurant with a friend.  I was too broke to leave the amount he deserved, but we left as close to the amount as we… Continue reading


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I am tired.  I’ve been in Minneapolis since Tuesday morning discussing all things service learning.  I’m also applying for a $30,000 grant to start an expeditionary school of sorts. …

My dog is like my child

This is all I had energy to do today.

I learned how to fight

I’ve been on a staycation for the last four days.  The time has been spent sewing and watching Felicity. I remember watching it when I was just out of high school and a… Continue reading

I can’t help but tell my students I am proud of them

I say it so often because I want them to be sick of hearing it.  I think surprises are for holidays and birthdays not for self esteem.  More often than that, if not… Continue reading

Chest pains

Something happened today that brought me to tears.  This morning I went to the ER with chest pains.  I was cleaning my apartment when it felt like something was sitting on my chest. … Continue reading


Dear God, I’d like a family. Please. Thanks! moi